Véronique Besançon

Véronique Besançon was born in Marrakech in 1959, from a French father and a Russian-Hungarian mother. In 1965, her family moved to Paris. She pursued university studies in clinical psychology. The human being is already her primary concern and challenges her in its complexity and essence. By taking an interest in the development of the person, she turned to the field of pedagogy. She arrives in Montreal in a university setting in 1997 and she adopts Quebec by heart. She pursues a career as a consultant in educational technology at the Université de Montréal. She always devotes herself to creative and innovative practices in contemporary dance, theatre, automatic writing and painting.

A self-taught artist for more than fifteen years, she has been exploring the amalgamation of pigments in a free gesture of pictorial abstraction. As colours and words draw her reflection, Véronique Besançon develops an artistic research that uses personal interiority to try to understand its human complexity. She creates universes that establish a dialogue between her characters. They reflect places, present moments, releases taken, developed as the beginning of stories, bringing out the human essence. She documents her artistic journey through collections of paintings and poetry.