Spencer Lawson

Born in Montreal, Spencer Lawson is a twenty-one-year-old artist who currently resides on the North Shore. 


Spencer’s interest and talent in art started at the age of four years old. Spencer’s family recognized the quality and details in his drawings. His skills were exceeding the normalcy for children his age. When Spencer was fifteen, he found his calling for painting. He put all of his time and energy into his practice and posted his work online. Friends, family and acquaintances quickly started showing admiration and a great interest in his work, even soliciting his services.


Additionally, Spencer's creative skills go beyond his talent for painting. He owns an impressive collection of guitars. Spencer started learning and playing guitar at the age of eleven years old. Self-taught, he is an outstanding Rock and Roll and Blues guitar player.


Spencer’s artistic work is heavily influenced by music, particularly Rock & Roll blended with background knowledge in art history. Spencer bridges the unlikely gap between music and painting that drive his cutting-edge contemporary style. Every work he completes is packed with texture, expression and emotion.


Charismatic and charming, he’s fascinated with many styles of art. Spencer looks forward to connecting with other artists to learn and further develop his skills.