Rob Pennino

Rob Pennino, a promising newly discovered abstract artist. The positive outlook on life is reflected in his artwork. Inspiration comes from everywhere which is a party of colors and that are soothing to the eyes.

His art’s motto is to live in the moment because life is short. His pieces vary from acrylic painting to oil painting with beautiful texture. Ancient calligraphy stokes is his inspiration. A very interesting part of his art is the finishing varnish, a resin high gloss that he uses to give a reflective wet look to his work.

SIGNATURE WHITE SQUARE TILE; Instead of putting a traditional signature on my paintings. My signature is this tiny white square tile. The purpose is that you can flip the art any direction that you like. Why a square? Because it has four equal sides which means equality, equality for every single person. Just a little reminder that we are all equal. If you see a little white tile on a painting, well it's a Pennino.

Life is a celebration!
Live out loud!
Live it now!