This time, she's in the spotlight. During the confinement Corinne Asseraf, owner of Galerie 203, opted to push forward and it was in creating that she found a new lease of life: the strength to present her own works. The exhibition "Reflections" is the result of a collaboration with the artist
Sylvia Cohen. Together, they present a series of breathtaking canvases, all hand painted, featuring 35 pop culture icons.

Men and women, larger than life through which, the duo Asseraf-Cohen balances us with a cheeky humor, even claiming, and a lucid feminine look on these last decades which resonate until this year hit by the pandemic . "After organizing and hosting thousands of artists over the past 12  years, I was finally able to take some time for myself this year and think about who I am and what I still want to do, and that's again to create art. ' declares Corinne Asseraf born in Casablanca, Morocco, in 1964. The following year with her family, she moved to Montreal.As a teenager, Asseraf was inspired by an artist with strong personalities such as Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring, these iconic figures embody a style and vision that stuck with him and that blended perfectly with his love for abstract art.

In 2011, her passion for bringing people together, her love for art and her business background led her to open Galerie 203, near Notre-Dame Basilica in the heart of old Montreal. After having developed this creative and dynamic space, dedicated to contemporary art, and the careers of many artists she represents, Corinne Asseraf finally presents her own exhibition in collaboration with a long-time friend and a talented painter, Sylvia Cohen, who has previously presented her own exhibitions at Gallery 203, "my goal is to create paintings that are striking and intriguing. When I start working I don't care about the beauty of the image anymore but rather. the way she talks to me, "says Cohen, whose works are praised and sold internationally. "I see my designs as character studies rather than portraits."
With 'Reflections' these two women make the portraits of celebrities like Edith Piaf, Basquiat, David Bowie, Chanel, Sol, Charlebois, Twiggy, Jack Nicholson, Madonna and many others speak. These paintings, mixed media on canvas, all have messages that are read loud and clear in these uncertain times with quotes from these stars who have marked their times in the form of collages.


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