Marnie Grundman

Marnie Grundman is an award-winning artist whose work has been exhibited in museums, galleries and juried festivals throughout the United States and Canada. She has also been featured as a live-performing sculptor in solo exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles, Orlando, Miami, Montreal and Chicago. A Montreal native who grew up in NYC, Cheshire and Miami, Marnie is a former homeless teenager who has transformed her life to become an author, public speaker, artist and activist. Marnie draws her inspiration from music, language, current events and of course her own personal life experiences, all of which are creatively reflected in her work. She sees, feels and expresses her art through her fingertips. Marnie is generously donating a portion of each art piece sold to raise funds for the prevention of youth homelessness and trafficking survivors.




Love Marnie is a not-for-profit organization focused on the prevention of youth homelessness and human trafficking. It is our mission to protect and save youth in need, to save their childhoods, and give them a brighter present and future.





A world where our youth are safe and supported

A world where homelessness and human trafficking no longer exists 


A world where every child has a soft place to fall


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