Luc Gauthier

My artistic process, started way before my teaching career in art, it remains a series of questions based on similarity and difference, the being and the appearence, the presence and the absence, what is obvious versus what's subtle.  My artistic production changed greatly with years due to significant projets with my students, it rapidly transformed itself as being an artist teacher rather than a teacher artist*. The main goal was to give a social message to the artistic event by showing those projects in museums and parallel art galeries.  My art work shapes itself and puts in perspective a technique related to collage, illustration, and writing, three elements that came back frequently in my artistic production in the past.

The image, its suject, borrows from the tale, where fiction becomes an excuse for the quest of individual well being. The art work is drawn by the subject, the text and the colour which become a premiss to introspection by giving the spectators the essential elements to deeper thinking.  The writing is strongly associated with the art work, overlapping the visible and the invisible. Iconography arouses interest by the outbreak and enhancement created by selective varnish and adding resin in the cloisonné style !