Linda Beck Sidel

I have always been drawn to art with texture and depth of colour, and I’ve found that working with modern acrylics allows me to express myself in a style that reflects my ideas, thoughts and memories while using the ancient techniques of grisaille, glazing and underpainting.

Old vs new, ancient vs modern, there vs here, are all explorations for my work. By using the technique of Image Transfer, I can create imagery that can be both old and modern simultaneously. Old photographs of family reproduced by computer and superimposed on texture is an example of combining the old with the new and brings new life to history.

Similarly, photos of places I’ve been can be combined with textures that can be both realistic as well as interpretive, simultaneously.

My art is very thoughtful and multi-layered, and I want the audience to look beyond the obvious and wonder “How did she do that?” Because my art incorporates my own photography, I also want the viewer to relate to my work in such a way as to jog a memory or invoke a desire to join me in my experience.

Works by Linda Beck Sidel

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