Kaafarani Stetco

Galina Stetco
Galina Stetco graduated in architecture in 2000 at the Technical University of Moldova. Her creative path began from her childhood in her homeland Maldova where she discovered her abilities and artistic interest. She is dedicated to her two passions; painting and sculpture.
Stetco has given herself the mission of bringing out what is hidden in the depths of her being. To capture what it is connected to the outside world, as from inside. Art for her is a mysterious phenomenon that combines both space and matter, and captivates them.
Currently, she revives her inspiration from the invisible and the impalpable, and nevertheless the noticeable. The result is immersive, simple and complex as shapes and subjects prompt people to invision themselves and their surronding in a new way.

Nadine Kaafarani
Nadine Kaafarani graduated with degrees in Sustainable Architecture and Interior Design. She had a deep admiration for artists ever since she was a little kid. She is currently working in an architecture firm and owns a pet furniture business. But above all, she spends at least three days a week creating art.
Kaafarani sees the world as an inexplicable existence. She believes that even what we think is concrete around originates from abstract. She recognizes that a lot of what controls our life and world is beyond what we can use our five senses to explain. Art for her is a way to wake up the senses beyond what we know exists.
Currently, she gets her inspiration from all that can be only felt, but never touched. She reflects in her art the undiscovered secrets beyond the discovered secrets of the universe and being. Her work is a combination of geometry and organic shapes that resonate together.