Janet Goldstein

Janet Goldstein is a local Montreal artist. She has a BA in Translation from Concordia University, designs jewellery and specializes in abstract art.
She uses acrylics and other mixed media to allow the chameleon in her to come out. Her canvasses display her style and mood depending on the beat of what is going on around her and in the world at the moment.
Janet is self-taught and unafraid to mix acrylic and spray paints. She adds depth and texture with pastes, gels, pouring, as well as metals and beads. The canvas usually has a 3D concept pulling its viewer in even closer. Her influences are motivated by the geniuses of American painters
Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko.
Janet’s images are unique pieces designed to stir up different emotions and thoughts from her audiences. Her art does not fit into a box which allows her to stay current, excited and passionate. “My canvas, like life tells a story. We will all experience it differently.”
While working out of her studio at The Montreal Art Centre in May 2018, she curated her vernissage, “Expression of Colour”. Janet was also invited that spring by Les Quartiers Du Canal to showcase a few of her pouring pieces in the Parc des Meubliers in trendy Griffintown. The exhibit named "Galerie Connexe" displayed various artists’ works in the park from May 2018-October 2018. She is currently working on new pieces to showcase at the beautiful Galerie 203 out of her new spacious art studio in the heart of Montreal.