Jacinthe Rivard

Jacinthe Rivard calls herself a nostalgic realist painter.

She has been painting professionally for over 10 years.

Her art is owned by collectors around the world and has been exhibited in some of the top fairs and continues to be.

She has won numerous art contests and has been published in many magazines, making the cover more than once.

In 2021, she was named one of the Top Contemporary artists of today by Art Market Magazine in their Gold list special edition.

Even with all her recognition and success, Jacinthe likes to stay in the shadows. She loves working alone in her studio for hours. She describes herself as dangerously imaginative. Her racing brain has made her somewhat of an anxious person, often imagining the worst.

To counter this, she paints totally realistic images that make her world seem more organized and less daunting. She has learned to control her imagination in her “painting” world to make up for the lack of control she feels in the “real” world.

She works with a limited palette, 9 colors that she understands inside out. With those 9 tubes of paint, she can create any color she sees. She can paint anything she wants. This talent, which she has cultivated through years of practice, has grounded her.  Putting things neatly on canvas, in a simple composition with the right colors gives her a sense of comfort. While she paints, the world is beautiful and the happiest place to be. This being said, her art is anything but ordinary. She may paint simple ordinary things but the colorful chosen objects, their meaning and the light that plays on them is very emotional. The ordinariness of them makes them extraordinary. Her style and paint stroke makes her work very recognizable as her own.  She paints things that make her happy and they seem to make others happy, so she paints on…

Sold Paintings by Jacinthe Rivard