Isabelle Lafargue

Isabelle Lafargue, the French porcelain painter from Saint-Pierre & Miquelon island, immigrated to Canada in July 2012 where she settled with her family in Dieppe, New-Brunswick.

She spent her childhood at the seaside, close to nature and playing with her brothers and sisters. She still remembers the joy of discovering her first box of colored pencils brought by the tooth fairy under her pillow at her grandmother house.

Isabelle has always been enthusiastic about painting. From childhood, she explored drawing and oil painting. Self-taught, she painted and participated in group exhibitions. Her works are in public and private collections all over the world, including two marine paintings, at museums "Arche" and "Archipelitude" in St-Pierre and Miquelon, her native island.

Passionate about the arts, culture and events organization, Isabelle studied and worked on art and  cultural projects management for over 15 years. In 2005, she met a well-known porcelain painter and she used the opportunity to immerse herself in the secrets of porcelain painting. Crucial to her development was her intensive training in Limoges, the home of the renowned porcelain manufacturers, and then she graduate as a Ceramic Designer in France.

Isabelle paints each piece by hand making it a one of a kind piece of art. She develop her own style working with traditional and modern techniques and using precious metals, fine gold and platinum.

Isabelle is also a member of the International Porcelain Artist and Teachers (IPAT) and The Porcelain Artist of Canada Association (PAC). She is a grant recipient of ArtsNB and of Tourism, Heritage and Culture-Government of New-Brunswick.

In May 2016, she received the third price at the PAC exhibition held in Montreal for her creation “Souffle du Dragon”. In August, the artist participated at the IPAT competition in Las vegas and she won the silver ribbon for her creation “Hijo de la Luna” and the bronze ribbon for the vase “Margouillat Kréol”.

Isabelle Lafargue also gives classes to the youngest by going for example to nearby schools to share her art. The artist said she “believe that through artistic education and expression, young people can change the world”.

“My creations begin with a dream, sometimes awake, which continue to lives with the porcelain”.

Fascinated by paintings and decorative arts, it is with passion that I devote myself to the art of porcelain painting for over 15 years. I love working on white porcelain, thin and translucent, this is my favorite “canvas”. My work is detailed, yet whimsical, yet contemporary, yet mysterious, yet elegant.

Colour plays a key role in my creations. This can be an explosion of bright, vivid and contrasting colours, or a harmony of soft, vibrant and elegant ones. Precious metal, fine gold and platinum, add that touch of nobility, delicacy or even magic to my creation.

My designs begin with a dream, sometimes awake, which continues to live on the porcelain.

My work combines skills from a classic porcelain painting education at Limoges (France), American technique from IPAT Masters and modern and contemporary techniques I explore.

I want my creations to travel around the world. Whether they honour the finest home or simply give pleasure. This is how they LIVE, by giving pleasure to the person who owns, receives or gives them! It pleases me to think that the story continues with those who have one of my creations.

Sold Porcelain Paintings by Isabella Lafargue