Honey Solarz

You can tell a lot about an artist by viewing their creations, and this could not be more true of Montréal artist Honey Solarz Greenbaum. Born in Toronto, Honey has been artistically inclined for as long as she can remember.

Honey's paintings arise from her own experiences, feelings and passions, and her ability to express sensations in pictorial form. There is a unique quality to her paintings that is probably best understood by knowing the artist herself. "Everything I create comes from within", she says of her work. "I don't copy. It's always from memory, imagination and feelings".

With a love of travel and a love of nature, her excursions have taken her around the globe and are given new life in her paintings. Her work has been described as vibrant, with an exuberance and joie de vivre that pulsate throught the canvas. Her lively colours and her expressive brushwork bring a pristine-like quality to her paintings.

Honey has exhibited throughout North America and Europe, and her work is part of a private collection on both continents.