Hélène Bisson

The calm yet flamboyant paintings that Hélène Bisson renders to us, after years of solitary explo-ration, are quite unique. In these enchanted universes, people and objects seem animated by a single soul within which innocence dialogues with wisdom.

Something quite electrifying and dynamic animates vaporous backgrounds that make familiar scenes appear as if they were happening somewhere outside of space and time.

This woman of experience is however very much aware of what a moment is worth, and is no impulsive painter. Her graphic instinct being undeniably on point, everything in these floating worlds is structured to the last detail and complimented by her strong understanding of colour theory.

Above all, what qualifies Hélène Bisson as such a fun and authentic artist is most likely her ability to listen to herself; thus demonstrating the strength that lies in great sensitivity.

As with the attractiveness of the contrasts she most often includes in her work, le shadow she has been cultivating her passion within only makes her coming forth that much brighter.