Elisabetta Fantone

Born in Montreal, Quebec but raised in Italy, Elisabetta has always demonstrated tremendous ability in all things creative.

In her early career, Elisabetta’s passion for performance art led her to excel in both modeling and acting; however, she was always drawn to visual arts which is why Elisabetta decided to study in Creative Arts where she learned to play with colors, painted nudes and experimented with paints. Not fully satisfied, Elisabetta then went into design where she found a profound passion for negative and positive spaces, collages, faux-fini's and of course...paints. It is at this point in her life where her love for the arts developed into a strong talent for portraiture.

In her early adult life Elisabetta’s attraction to bright colors led her to experiment with acrylic paint, which became her medium of choice. Elisabetta has since presented dozens of collections and her art is showcased in galleries and private collections around the world. She is highly sought after for her commissioned pieces, especially among celebrities. Some of her most recent celebrity clients include personalities such as Muhammad Ali, Celine Dion & the Kardashians to name a few.