Dina Podolsky

Dina Podolsky was born in Moscow in 1953. A graduate of the Moscow Central Art School, she studied book illustration and art history at the renowned Moscow Polygraphic Institute and continued her education at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem.
Dina Podolsky has been exhibiting extensively for over thirty years and has numerous international shows to her credit.

Dina Podolsky now lives and works in Montreal, Canada, thousands of miles away from the land of her birth. These two factors help explain some of the particularities of her artistic approach. The basis of her work is rooted in memories, especially those from her childhood. Time and its fleeting nature constitute the pivotal point around which her entire oeuvre is built.

In Dina Podolsky's paintings, time is expressed through a particular organization of elements in pictorial space, elements that are compartmentalized but that all bear the echo of each other. In addition, the overall style and patina effect the artist uses creates a kind of soft-focused, out-of-time dimension in which motifs and forms seem to emerge or be submerged, depending on the viewer's perception.