Corinne Asseraf

Corinne Asseraf was born in Casablanca, Morocco, in 1964. The following year, she and her family moved to Montreal, Canada. As a self-made entrepreneur, Corinne Assseraf has built three successful companies from the ground up. Impressively at sixteen years old, she launched her first business Corinne Cosmetics, inspired by her practice working as a makeup artist; as well as a catering and event planning company a few years later. 


During her journey of running two successful businesses, Corinne Asseraf had always been intrigued by the art world. Her passion for bringing people together, her love for art as well as her strong entrepreneurial background inspired her to open her own gallery.


In 2011 Corinne Asseraf founded Galerie 203, located in the heart of Old Montreal. Her purpose in opening Galerie 203 was to create a business where she and artists envisaged a dynamic creative place to come together. Galerie 203 is all about the people, the art, the connections to one another, and the risk-taking of creating an artist's image. 


The success of the artists she represents is a core value for her company. Corinne Asseraf’s passion for art and years of entrepreneurial pursuits have equipt her to take on any challenge. She is an art dealer, agent, appraiser, gallerist, and philanthropist. Her plans for the future are to expand Galerie 203 to other countries across the globe.   


Corinne Asseraf was inspired by world-renowned artists such as Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Keith Haring from a young age. Due to the ongoing lockdowns throughout 2020 and 2021, Corinne Asseraf used this time to explore her creativity as an artist. Collaborating with long-term friend and fellow artist represented by Galerie 203, Sylvia Cohen and Corinne Asseraf have created a whimsical new exhibition titled Reflections open to the public on an appointment basis from June 18 to July 04, 2021.