The difference: the freedom to be myself

Painting is a way for me to explore the dynamics of contrasts. I am interested in the shapes between softness and hardness, fluidity and rigidity, elegance and coarseness. I look to express these states of tension which we constantly experience / which are constantly a part of us, the lively forces which separate us, unite us and take us elsewhere.

The color is explored in all its variations in order to accentuate the contradictions, especially with the mixture of various materials and nuanced textures. Acrylic and epoxy are the mediums used in an abstract style which sometimes suggests figurative elements. Cement, mirror fragments, crystals and textiles are occasionally integrated into my works to create an unusual relief.

I’m inspired by modern architecture, straight, curved, broken, imposing or discreet lines, found in raw materials such as concrete, marble and steel. I draw inspiration from these contrasting structures to create compositions that reflect my image: determined, assertive and daring.