Charles Richard

Born in 1960, in Montreal, Charles Richard (Charlo) is shaped at very early age by what he sees around him. He is attracted by eccentricities and magnetism of the people that surround him; their creative honesty and their values leave a profound impression on him as he is growing up. Later in life he is drawn by the beauty he sees in the esthetics he sees in architectural designs. There is a tight relationship in the choice of bolt colors he uses to interpret how he perceives his environment and the brush strokes he uses to make his canvases come to life.

By 1995 the passion to paint takes him to the Saidye-Bronfman Art School in Montreal. Drawing with charcoal becomes the ideal medium by which he can express the vulnerability of the naked being use of shades and light to demonstrate his point. He ultimately excels at expressing his true self through abstract paintings. In a world without constraints Charlo easily entrances the viewer with fleeting strokes, becoming his trademark.