Caroline Dion

Native of Lac St-Jean, Québec, Canada, she later settled in Victorville in 1984. The artist, painter, Caroline Dion, began painting in 1995, her work primarily captures the emotional essence of all her subjects. Submerging herself in art at a very young age she has explored many mediums although painting has always remained her main passion.

She has participated in many important symposiums and several renowned expositions since her debut. Europe, the United States and Canada have all been able to appreciate her pieces which have been exposed in Museums and in Exposition Centres.

Loving to exploit her works to their maximum capacity, perfection is never an aspect to be compromised. These are essential steps to be able to create a masterpiece. The human body remains her main subject, she paints the facial expression and the bare body. Animals, flowers and even certain landscapes sometimes also capture her creativity.

Acrylic paint was Caroline's main tool for many years due to the fact that it gave the desired effect for every painting. In addition she has now began using oil, water based paint and ink as forms of expression. Her latest pieces are described as vibrant and it is said that they are exploding with emotion mainly because of the effect created by  the texture of the spatula and oil paint. ​

Subject to evolution constantly in motion, the Sérénité collection is the fusion of the "À fleur de peau’’ series and the "Masquée" series. Sérénité, created with oil paint offers the viewer a whole different perception.

The artist has the pleasure and capacity to express her emotions thru her various works, always keeping the topic relevant.  This is the reason why her paint brush holds the memory of these three techniques.

Paintings by Caroline Dion

Sold Paintings by Caroline Dion