Asma Bouanane

Asmaa Bouanane, a Moroccan-born artist, has been based in Canada since 1991. After completing a bachelor's degree from HEC Montreal, she enrolled at the Mission Renaissance art school in 2000 to acquire the classical oil painting technique, thus realizing her childhood dream. Like any apprentice painter, she reproduced during her training years the masterpieces of great masters such as Rembrandt, Chardin or Turner, who are a great source of inspiration for her. Years later, to consolidate her passion, she completed her knowledge with a more contemporary approach and obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Concordia University with distinction. Currently, the artist works on large skill works, both contemporary and classical, allowing her to reflect her ideas, origins, and plural identity.


My creative process consists of oil paintings, with still life as my favourite subject. My artwork is based on the traditional technique of academic art. However, my compositions are contemporary and include everyday objects. I often increase the importance of the composition with oversized proportions so that viewers cannot avoid facing small details that might otherwise be overlooked. The colours and tone I use give the objects a sculptural appearance. I enjoy the challenge of rendering various surfaces (glass, metal etc.) and conveying the interaction of light and reflections. I try to provide delicate subtleties that give a visual effect that only artistic changes can render, while some adjustments can be made for aesthetic compositional reasons. I work smaller and smaller as I perfect the details until I feel the painting is complete. My artworks are meant to allow the viewer to rediscover the quintessence of even the most common objects.