Alek Bélanger

Alek Bélanger is a bilingual, abstract artist currently based in Toronto & Montréal.

He has a sold a wide range of artworks to clients & art collectors across Canada and US. Over the years Alek has worked alongside boutique, luxurious hotels to create special pieces for their space. He is a collaborator and innovative visual artist. He grew up in a small woodsy town, which has inspired him to constantly honour nature through his pieces. His abstract paintings carry harmony, balance yet with a touch of excitement & curiosity!

Alek Bélanger has an undergrad in Film Studies from Ryerson University. His award- winning short films have been recognized across Canada. He loves to unify his passion for filmmaking into his art, which can be seen in his first virtual solo art exhibition. He integrated film, poetry, 3D design and art in one show.

His creative approach is mainly in a series of consistent pieces that share similar colours, movements & themes. Story-telling through the world of abstract has always been his way of communicating.